Making the perfect meal takes time, care and attention, and a smattering of passion. The team at Pasta Remoli not only prides itself on creating the recipes just as Simone Remoli was taught as a child, but also in sourcing the best quality ingredients to guarantee ‘pasta perfection’.

Provenance is key to the success of the Pasta Remoli offering. The business has worked tirelessly to source the ultimate British eggs that are required to produce excellent flavour all the way through the pasta. 

Premium flour is bought directly from Italy to ensure that it is of the highest grade to deliver consistently great pasta time after time. 

Simone has taken a huge personal interest in the sourcing of Pasta Remoli’s sausages and ham which are supplied by an Italian living in Porchetta grill based on Tooting who makes the most original sausages. He has also left no stone unturned in tracking down supreme cheeses to accompany the pasta and is now buying mozzarella cheese from an amazing Italian producer based in London.

The commitment to provenance covers all areas of the business including the drinks offering. The team works really hard to find uniquely special tipples to accompany your food. For example, the delicious beer that we sell has been selected from an amazing artisan producer who understands the flavour required to match our dishes. 

So, when you dine with Pasta Remoli you can always be assured that your meal has been crafted from the very finest, authentic ingredients. Buon appetito!